Call Flow Overview

Overview offers its customers a turnkey IVR call flow solution that is powered by a simple-to-use drag-and-drop interface. In this article, you will be able to become familiar with the individual dial step components that you can leverage to construct your inbound IVR flow based on the multiple needs of your business. 

To leverage call flows please contact to enable dynamic call flows in your account. 


Call Flow Basics


The details section of a call flow allows admins to configure and personalize the call flow.


This section of the page includes the following information:

  • Name  - Identifiable name of the call flow.
  • Description - Details around the utilization and purpose of the call flow
  • Account - The ringDNA account associated with the call flow
  • Status - Changing a call flow's status to "Paused" will allow the call flow to be deleted. It will have no affect on the actual routing of calls.
  • Assign Abandoned Call - This feature allows admins to select a user to assign abandoned calls to. If no user is selected, abandoned calls will be assigned to the Salesforce connect user. This only applies to calls that are not routed to a specific user when the call is abandoned. 
  • Append Final Call Flow Step Details to Task - This feature allows admins to add to the resulting salesforce activity from an inbound call to include the exact position that the caller was within a call flow when the call was either connected or abandoned.
  • Created By - A reference to the admin user who created the call flow.
  • Created On - A reference to the date/time stamp to when the call flow was created.
  • Updated By - A reference to the admin user who made the most recent update to the call flow. 
  • Updated On - A reference to the date/time stamp of the last update to the call flow. 

Abandoned Calls

Within a Call Flow, admins can designate detail to be appended to salesforce activities when they reach an abandoned state in a call. Abandoned calls are defined as calls where the inbound caller was in an active call flow step and hung up the call prior to reaching an agent. 


  • Task Subject - Admins can create a custom subject line for the activity to be able to easily report on abandoned calls and segment their context.
  • Task Comments - Custom detail can also be added for long-form descriptions around the abandoned call context.

Smart Number

RingDNA call flows allow admins the ability to associate multiple phone numbers to an inbound queue. This allows customers to either leverage existing numbers to port to a queue or is able to easily route numbers for multiple locations into a single IVR experience. 

Toll Free numbers are designed to be used for inbound voice calls and are reachable only in the country they are designated for. The exception is US Toll Free numbers which can be reached from Canada and includes SMS capabilities.


Now that you have the basics now, you can add call flow steps to a Call flow to create a nested routing system. 


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