Insights: Activity Metrics


The Activity Metrics section provides in-depth insights into call activity through the following reports and dashboards:

Calling Productivity

The Calling Productivity dashboard shows the total number of audio and video calls over a selected time period.

It quickly gives you insight into how productive (the volume of audio and video calls) your sales reps are within a given time period. This helps sales leaders understand how the volume of sales call activity has changed over time.


  • Total Agent Audio Call Count
  • Total Agent Video Call Count
  • Org Call Volume by Date



Talk Time

The Talk Time dashboard shows how the total hours of talk time on audio and video calls are trending over a selected time period. 

Knowing how much time is spent on calls and video meetings is just important as knowing the volume of calls, as it provides insight into the amount of time spent on sales phone and video conversations over a period of time. Managers can set targets and gauge progress by filtering results by Start Date and/or End Date.


  • Org Total Audio Talktime
  • Org Total Video Talktime
  • Org Talktime by Date



Recorded Call Percentage

The Recorded Call dashboard shows how the percentage of calls that were recorded and not recorded is trending over a selected period of time.

Recording calls is essential to capturing and extracting Conversational insights that are key to identifying trends and opportunities to improve your Revenue teams’ overall performance. 


  • Percent of Calls Recorded vs. Not Recorded



Time of Day

The Time of Day report shows how the total number of outbound calls made compared with the call connection rate varies by the time of day in which calls are placed.

This is important to help provide insights into outbound call connection variances based on the time of day so that sales organizations can identify optimal sales call time of day strategies based on connection rate patterns. 


  • Calls placed vs. Connection rate by time of day




The Dispositions report shows the distribution of Call dispositions over a selected period of time.

Identifying and understanding shifts and trends within call dispositions is important so that Revenue organizations can quickly react and respond to specific disposition drivers. Sharp/rapid changes within disposition patterns can signify potential market/competitor threats, while gradual (but noticeable) changes can signify unmet market needs.


  • Volume of Call Dispositions within a selected time period



Call Directions

The Call Directions report shows the distribution of call types segmented by inbound calls, outbound calls, and video calls by week, over a selected time period.

Understanding the distribution of call directions over time provides insights into the nature of Sales calls being made over a selected period of time, such as identifying the impact of internal and external sales call drivers.


  • Weekly Call Direction Distribution



Local Presence

The Local Presence Activity Metrics report shows the distribution of calls based on the use of the local presence feature over a selected time period.

Local Presence has been shown to dramatically increase answer rates. Leads are much likelier to answer a call from a local number than from a number from farther away. Tracking your team's usage of Local Presence can help you ensure that your team is maximizing the effectiveness of time spent making sales calls.


  • Local Presence Usage Distribution


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