Managing and Updating Notifications



Navigating to Notification Settings

Your notification settings can be reached by clicking the Inbox Setup Tab within the User Settings Section of the left navigation panel.

Notification Types

There are two main types of notifications:

  1. User Notifications
  2. Saved Search Notifications
    • My Saved Searches
    • Saved Searches Shared with Me
    • Public Saved Searches

User Notifications

The user notification section allows you to manage where you receive notifications for core ConversationAI activities:

  • Annotations: Notifications received when one of your conversations received a written annotation (The primary use case of this is Reps getting notified when someone left an annotation on a call that they had hosted)
  • Flagged For Review: Notifications supervisors receive when a member of their team has clicked the "Coach" button within the ringDNA Dialer during a call, or they added you as a reviewer to their video conversation by clicking the "Add Reviewers" within the 'Actions' menu on individual conversations.

Within the ringDNA Dialer:



Within an individual conversation:

  • Shared Call: Notifications indicating someone has shared a call with you.
  • Shared Private Search: Notifications indicating someone has shared a Private Saved search with you. (This notification is specific to the fact that a Saved Search was shared with you, not notifications regarding new conversations that qualify for the saved search's criteria)
  • Supervisor Notes: Notifications indicating that your supervisor has entered supervisor notes on one of your audio calls.

When the "In-App" box is checked, users will receive a notification within their Conversation AI Inbox for each user notification type. If the box is unchecked, they will not receive a notification for that notification type within their Conversation AI inbox

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When the "Email" box is checked, users will receive a notification within their email for each respective User notification type. If the box is unchecked, they will not receive an email notification for that notification type.


Saved Search Notifications

My Saved Searches

The My Saved Searches section within the notification settings allows users to update and adjust the notification settings for Saved Searches that they created. Users can indicate where they want to be notified (In-App and/or Email) and the frequency of those notifications. The frequency of notifications can be set to one of the following:

  • None
  • Immediate
  • Daily
  • Weekly


  • Setting the Frequency to None for a My Saved Search is the same as un-checking both the in-app and the email checkboxes. 
  • If both the In-App and Email checkboxes are unchecked, to enable them, you must first select a notification frequency from the frequency drop-down



Saved Searches Shared With Me 

The saved searches shared with me contains only Saved Searches that users specifically shared with you.



Public Saved Searches

This section lists all Public Saved searches. Just like the previous Saved Search sections, users can subscribe or unsubscribe to notifications for a saved search in the section by checking (or un-checking) the In-App and/or Email checkbox, in addition to setting the notification frequency.


If you feel like you get too many saved search notifications from Public saved searches, visiting this section is an easy way to look over all the Public saved searches you currently receive notifications for, and make adjustments as necessary. 

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