Smart Numbers

A Smart Number is any phone number in which can be associated or reassigned to sales reps, campaigns, call flows, and other categorizations.

The Smart Numbers page is the primary location where Admins can manage all of their account's Smart Number assignments. On the Smart Numbers page, Admins can search for Smart Numbers by name, source, type, or tag.


The Smart Numbers screen also lets you augment or edit any of those associations. For example, if a particular smart number is associated with a billboard that is no longer active, you can switch the number to a different ad campaign.


Viewing/Editing Numbers

You can view or sort tracking numbers that you created at any time. You can either sort by user or group numbers that you partitioned. You can also click in the search field and enter any tags to sort your list of numbers.

Step 1: To edit your numbers, simply click the number you want to edit.

Step 2: This will bring up the smart number’s Details and Ownership sections, where you can view and edit the number’s information.


Step 3: Here you can add a Description, Label, or any relevant Tags you wish under the “Details” section. The click the “Save” button on the top right of the screen.

Step 4: The account the number belongs to, as well as its tracking type can be viewed under the Ownership section.

Step 5: Once you've edited or added the fields you wanted, end by clicking the Save button at the top of the screen.


Toll Free Number Capabilities

Toll Free numbers are designed to be used for inbound voice calls and are reachable only in the country they are designated for. The exception is US Toll Free numbers which can be reached from Canada and includes SMS capabilities.

Adding Smart Numbers to users

You can apply smart numbers to each user within the admin console.

Step 1: Navigate to the user's profile by clicking on the "Users" on the left-hand side menu
Step 2: While on the "Users" page, click the User Name you wish to add a smart number for.

Step 3: On the user's page, click on the "RingDNA Settings" tab, then scroll down to the section titled "Smart Numbers". Click on the green plus sign.



Step 4: You will see a new window open up. Select either "Use existing smart number" or "Search for a new smart number".


Steps for "Use existing smart number"

Step 1: Select an existing number - you can reassign a number from another user or a call flow, or you can select an "Unassigned" number


Step 2: Once you click on Reassign, you have selected that number for assignment. The button will turn red and will show the option Remove if you wish to select a different number. When you are done with your number selection, click Next.

Step 3: Click on the Type dropdown menu and designate the number as a Default number or an Additional number and provide an optional label. Once selected, click Save and the number will be applied to the user's profile.


Steps for "Search for a new smart number"

Step 1: Selecting this option will allow you to search for a phone number within your country or and International number

Please be aware that certain countries require documentation in order to acquire numbers. If you encounter a message such as the one shown in the screenshot below, please email the support team directly at to provide assistance

Step 2: After clicking Next, you will see a list of available numbers.


Step 3: Click add on the number you wish to select, then click next

Step 4: Click on the Type dropdown menu and designate the number as a Default number or an Additional number and provide an optional label. Once selected, click Save and the number will be applied to the user's profile.


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