Guided Selling Sequence Analytics

What is this?

Guided Selling provides embedded statistics associated with each Sequence managed within Guided Selling Managed Package. These insights provide both high-level summary statistics into the performance of each sequence but also the performance of each individual action within it. 


Why is this important?

Managers can quickly get a pulse into the overall performance of an individual sequence along with each individual action associated with the sequence.

How Does It Work?

Once a sequence has been activated, Guided Selling will aggregate the performance of key areas across each sequence. These include:

  • Met Exit Criteria - # of participants who exited the sequence based on the defined exit criteria
  • Conversion Rate (lead Sequences only) - The % of participants who entered the sequence and were converted from a lead to a contact
  • Active Participants - # of participants currently enrolled in the sequence
  • Average Touchpoints - Average # of actions performed per participant
  • Completed Sequence - # of participants who completed all steps in the sequence prior to being removed from the sequence. 

For each related action in a sequence, managers can see the rate at which actions are skipped, and performed, and the outcome rate for each action. The outcome of each action is relative to the signal and data associated with each that provides insight into the engagement.

  • Email - Rate of emails opened
  • Calls - Rate of calls connected


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