Monitor Your Salesforce API Usage

The RingDNA Communications Hub utilizes the Salesforce REST API in order to establish a connection and log an Agent’s activity back to Salesforce. Each transaction will consume an API call, which Salesforce limits accounts to a certain amount on a rolling 24 hour basis.

Learn more about Salesforce API Limits: Salesforce Developer Documentation - API Request Limits & Allocations.

Monitoring your Org’s API calls via the System Overview Page

Every Salesforce Org is limited in the number of API requests that can be made in a 24 hour period. For this reason, It’s important to monitor your API usage to ensure that your users can access’s products.

  1. Go to Setup
  2. In Quick Find, search for System Overview
  3. Find the section titled API Calls
    • This displays the amount of API calls consumed in the last 24 hours, including today across the entire Org. This includes applications outside of


View the amount of API calls used by

Available in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Edition (Salesforce Classic Only)

Permissions Required: In Salesforce, The 'View Setup and Configuration' permission must appear on your profile to see this report. For non-admin users to view this report, the 'Modify all' permission must appear on your profile to see this report.

The 'API Usage last 7 days' report shows you the calls made by User and date for the last 7 days, including today.

  1. Navigate to Reports in Salesforce
  2. Click Administrative Reports
  3. Click API Usage Last 7 Days

The report will show the Name, Username, Email, Day of Week, and API Call Count. This report will help determine who and what are making the most API calls within a week.

All API calls consumed by will be attributed to the Client ID: Revenue Intelligence by


What Happens If You Reach or Exceed Your API Request Limit?

When these limits are reached, Salesforce will block all new API requests which will prevent users from being able to access’s platform and many other applications that integrate with Salesforce.

You can configure your Salesforce org so that an email is sent to a designated user when the number of API requests has exceeded a specified percentage of the amount allotted. Perform this configuration from Setup by entering API Usage Notifications in the Quick Find box and then selecting API Usage Notifications.

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