Creating Scheduling Pages


Within the admin console, users can navigate to the Calendar Booking tab within their individual user page. Here they can view all of their personal configurations for their personal calendar booking experience.

Creating a new Scheduling Page

Users can select a “Create Scheduling Page” modal from the Scheduling Page tab to create a new booking experience that they want to add to their personalized personal calendar landing page. 


After selecting the “Create Scheduling Page” button they are presented with a New Scheduling page modal. Here they can select a name for their new event and designate the duration of the meeting. The options provided are 60 Minutes, 45 Minutes, 30 Minutes, and 15 minute options with 30 Minutes being the default selection. 

After inputting a name and event duration, users can select the “submit” button. 


Upon selecting the “submit” button, the new scheduling page modal will close and a new scheduling page will be added to the grid of scheduling pages presented within a user’s personal calendar landing page. Note that upon saving a new calendar page, all default settings will be applied to the new scheduling page. Users can then customize each individual scheduling page to add custom variables and attributes to control the booking experience. 


For information on the variety of customization options you can configure on Scheduling Pages, continue to the article "Editing Scheduling Pages".

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