Preview a Checklist

When configuring a new Checklist (or updating an existing Checklist, you can view a preview of what the Checklist will look like when it is triggered. Seeing a Checklist in its context before enabling it is a handy tool for visualizing the experience for reps and simulating how it would be displayed to those targeted. 


In the Moments™ Console, go to the Checklists Management Page.


1. Click on Checklists in the left navigation menu



2. Locate the row for the specific Checklist you want to preview, then click the more menu (3 dots)



3. Click on the Edit option

4. Once the Update Checklist panel is opened, click on the Preview button in the bottom


5. A preview modal will appear showing the Checklist in preview mode. Once you're done previewing, click the X button to close the preview modal


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