Edit a Checklist

After creating a Checklist, you can return to make modifications to its details. The steps outlined below highlight how to make updates to an existing Checklist. 


In the Moments™ Console, go to the Checklists Management Page.


1. Click on Checklists in the left navigation



2. In the Checklist table, locate the row for the specific Checklist you want to edit, then click the more menu (3 dots)



3. Click the Edit option



4. Update Checklist panel is opened, make the desired changes. If you want to update the content for your Checklist, click the pencil icon



5. After making changes to the Checklist content, click save



6. Click the Save button again to save your changes. Your Checklist is updated now


This will close the Update Checklist panel and your changes to the Checklist will be saved. 


If you click the "Cancel" button, the Update Checklist panel will be closed and the changes made will not be saved. 


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