Installing the Hot Leads Package

Hot Leads is a Managed Package that works in conjunction with the settings configurable in the Admin Console. This feature enables an Administrator to create automation in Salesforce which triggers a lead to be displayed in real-time to an agent in the ringDNA Dialer.


To install the Hot Leads package, simply install this Salesforce package into your Sandbox org for testing or in Production once you have performed the necessary unit and functional testing required to ensure compatibility with your existing Salesforce customization.

Package Components

The managed package contains the following components: 

  • RingDNA WebLead - A checkbox field that when set populates a new hot lead within the RingDNA Dialer.
  • CreateLeadListener - A lead trigger that will run when a Lead is created or edited with RingDNA WebLead (Checkbox) checked. This will send an update from Salesforce to's servers signaling our software to notify your users in their dialer.

For this connection to be established, the Custom Setting RingDNA Environment value should be set to production

How Do I Learn More about Hot Leads?

To ensure that you are leveraging Hot Leads across each of the key lead channels in your organization you can reference the hot leads administrator overview for a complete view into configuring Hot Leads. You can also reference the calling hot leads article which covers how reps can immediately view and call Hot Leads to drive a quick speed to lead SLA within your organization. 


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