Moments™ Reports and Dashboards Overview

Moments™ Reports allow Sales Leaders, Managers, and even individual Reps to obtain insights into the delivery and adoption of real-time coaching, as well as the changes in rep behaviors and conversation outcomes that result from triggered Moments™ notifications. 


Overview of Moments™ Reports

The Reports section can be found in the Moments™ Console, in the left-navigation menu. Once clicked, it will expand to show the different individual Report sections.




There are five primary Moments™ Reports sections:

  1. Notifications by Agent
    • Highlights the Notifications triggered by each individual Agent and how often they’re triggered. This data is helpful for comparing different Agents and tailoring specific guidance to coach individual Agents.
  2. Notifications Over Time
    • Highlights the volume and frequency of Notifications triggered over time for the entire account. This data is helpful in identifying trends and possible changes to the real-time coaching strategy deployed at scale. 
  3. Notifications by Disposition
    • Highlights the correlation of triggered Notifications to Call Dispositions. This data is helpful in understanding the efficacy of real-time coaching in influencing the call outcomes that matter and making modifications to increase desired results. 
  4. Exclude Notifications
    • Highlights how Exclude Notifications impact reps’ behaviors to say the “right thing” in live conversations. This data is helpful for quantifying how reps successfully comply with prescribed coaching or if more training is needed. 
  5. Behavioral Insights
    • Highlights behavioral trends resulting from real-time Notifications focused on improving Conversation Etiquette. This data is helpful in understanding how reps' conversational behaviors improve to become more optimal over time.


Filtering and Analyzing Results

Every page in a Moments™ Reports section represents a collection of reports that can provide an overview of performance. It is especially helpful to dive deeper into analysis by applying report filters to the dataset to hone in on:

  • A particular timeframe to identify trends
  • A particular team/agent to isolate their performance
  • A particular call disposition to assess outcomes
  • Particular notification characteristics to make deeper comparisons
  • Particular call characteristics to isolate their data

Every report page displays three filters by default, however the + Additional Filters button allows you to open up the Additional Filters panel to see/apply many more.



When updating filter values for any Moments™ report, click the Refresh button (or Apply button) after updating your filter selections to refresh the data displayed to match all of your set filter options.

When navigating from one report page to another, the report filters previously applied will be preserved so you don't have to re-apply them to the new report page. To conduct a different analysis, click the Clear All button (or Reset button) to start over.  


Downloading Results

Individual reports can be downloaded. Hover over the results, then select the cloud icon in the top-right corner (or bottom-right corner) of a report to download them.

Results can be downloaded in CSV, XLSX, or JSON file formats.






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