Getting Started with RingDNA Communications Hub

The RingDNA Communications Hub by is an all-in-one communication cockpit that allows reps to get more done with their time. It provides the tools to interact with customers in the channel of their preference, removes the administrative burden of logging activity to Salesforce, puts the right context at their fingertips, and ensures data capture to see the full picture of a customer's journey. 

  • Configuring The RingDNA Dialer - provides a robust bench of enterprise-grade configurations to ensure that the Dialer provides the right tools to users in your organization. Configurations can be made at the account, team, and individual user levels. 
  • Telephony 101 - We provide a number of foundational telephony tools that span optimizations for call quality and compliance protocols. 
  • Inbound and Outbound Dialing - Users have at their fingertips an array of tools to manage inbound and outbound dialing in a simple-to-use solution. 
  • Call History - Track inbound and outbound activity for a user and the queues that they are a part of. 
  • SMS Messaging - Easily communicate with customers over text and have interactions automatically logged to Salesforce. 
  • Supervisor Tools - Managers can ride along with their team seamlessly, provide feedback, and join conversations that require their attention. 
  • Call Queues - Dynamically route inbound calls to teams of users based on a series of configurable distribution strategies. 
  • Call Recording - Configure user recording controls along with recording settings on a state-by-state or country-by-country basis. 
  • Managing Contacts - Have the power of salesforce at your fingertips to easily find lead, contact, or account records along with other users or user favorites. 
  • Activities - See the full picture of engagement across email, calls, tasks, video meetings, events, and SMS. 
  • Dispositions - Get a clear picture of outcomes by managing and categorizing call dispositions by account and by the team. 
  • Voicemail - Easily manage voicemail settings and save time using pre-recorded voicemail drops. 
  • Hot Leads - Ensure reps stay within SLAs and call important leads immediately based on real-time notifications. 
  • Notifications and Alerts - React to inbound calls, SMS messages, and email opens quickly via native chrome notifications. 
  • Calendars - Have your salesforce and connected Gmail or exchange calendars at a glance. 
  • Salesforce Lists - View salesforce contact and lead lists to capture bespoke lists of individuals you are interacting with. 
  • Managing Call Flows - Build dynamic and rich inbound call routing experiences that get calls to the right agent faster. 

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