Completing a Checklist as "Done"

When you trigger a Checklist during a live conversation while in RingDNA Communications Hub, the Moments™ widget will be badged (e.g. a number "1" will appear, indicating that you have 1 unfinished notification or checklist). Click to expand the widget and you'll see the "Checkists" tab has also been badged. Click the tab to view your open Checklist:

To view the Moments™ widget in its pop-out app, click the "open" icon to open the app outside of RingDNA:

In the triggered Checklists, you will notice 1-3 checklist items to individually action upon within the received Checklist.

The Checklist provides an actionable reminder of best practices to apply in real-time, such as critical talk-tracks to say or steps to accomplish over the course of a live conversation. 


How it works

  • A Checklist is triggered when a targeted phrase is spoken (or not spoken), or a certain amount of time has elapsed during a call

  • A Checklist can display up to 3 individual checklist items for you to complete

  • When you complete a checklist item, you can mark the completion of the individual item by:

    • Manually clicking the corresponding checkbox. The item will be greyed out upon completion.

    • Speaking a required completion phrase that automatically marks the corresponding checkbox. The item will be greyed out upon completion by voice.

  • A Checklist will remain in view until all individual checklist items have been completed

  • Once all individual items within a Checklist have been completed (in any order), the Checklist is fully completed, and disappears from view



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