How to Test Trigger a Notification

An important step to take after creating a new Notification is to test it by ensuring that it can trigger appropriately in real-life conversations your targeted users(s) will have.


Testing Steps

Log into the Moments™ Console, then follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Moments™ and create a Notification.
  2. Target yourself using “Notification Targeting” setting.
  3. Save the Notification and enable it
  4. Launch the RingDNA Dialer
  5. Place a call to yourself (e.g. call your mobile device)
  6. Once the call is answered and connected, simulate the trigger criteria for the Notification you are testing
    • If trigger is Phrase Mentioned: 
      • Say the trigger word/phrase and observe if the Include Notification triggers. The Include Notification should be triggered in the Dialer via the Moments™ Widget.
    • If trigger is Phrase NOT Mentioned: 
      • Wait till the time interval configured for the Exclude Notification (e.g. 2min) passes, and observe if the Exclude Notification triggers after the set time interval has passed. Make sure you don't speak the trigger phrase until the next step, mute if needed. 
      • If the Exclude Notification triggers successfully, unmute and say the trigger word/phrase and observe if the triggered Exclude Notification is marked "Done" and closes automatically.  



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