Moments™ App for Web

The Moments™ App is a progressive web app that can be accessed here


For Agents who want to receive Moments™ Notifications in an uncluttered environment; Agents have the option to launch the Moments™ App directly within their browser.


This app is powered by the Moments™ Widget and provides a standalone experience for real-time coaching, displaying triggered notifications outside of the RingDNA Dialer.


Note: In addition to the Moments™ App for Web, real-time Notifications can be received and displayed via the Moments™ Widget or the downloadable Moments™ App for Desktop.


How It Works

1. In your browser, go here and login using SFDC credentials



2. If already logged in via SFDC, go here to launch the Moments™ App for Web in your browser



3. Connect on a live call using the RingDNA Dialer (place an outbound call or answer an inbound call) to activate the Moments™ App to receive real-time Notifications



4. Notifications/Checklists that trigger are displayed in the Moments™ App during the live call. The count of incomplete triggered Notifications is displayed as a badge in the Dialer (on the Moments widget)



5. Browser window can be resized and repositioned on the screen. The Moments™ App will adjust accordingly.



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