Advanced Setting: Notify (Agent / Supervisor / Both)

When creating a Notification, you have the option to utilize Advanced Settings to target more precisely. These Advanced Settings can be further used to target the delivery of the Notification in addition to targeting by users or teams.


Notify Options

For the Notify setting, you have the following targeting options:

  • Agent
    • This is selected by default. When triggered, the Notification will be delivered to the Agent only. This is called an "Agent Notification". An Agent Notification displays a customizable message (editable Content item) to the Agent who triggers the notification.
  • Supervisors
    • When triggered, the Notification will be delivered to the Supervisor only. This is the user who has a "Supervisor" role in a Team. This is called a "Supervisor Notification". A Supervisor Notification displays a system-generated message (uneditable Content item) to the Team Supervisor of the Agent who triggered the notification. A Supervisor Notification includes a "Listen In" hyperlink by default, allowing Supervisors who click on this link to seamlessly and silently join the Agent's call. 
  • Both
    • When triggered, an Agent Notification will be delivered to the Agent and a Supervisor Notification will be delivered at the same time to the Supervisor. Simultaneously, the Agent who triggers the notification and the Team Supervisor for the triggering Agent, will each receive a notification corresponding to their roles. 


How to target by Notify setting

In the Notification Panel, locate the Advanced Settings option. 



Click on "Advanced Settings" to expand and show the available options within it



Modify the Notify options as desired.



Finish the creation of your Notification, then click the "Save" button.



Previewing based on Notify setting

When previewing a Notification, you can see a visual preview of the Content item for the Notification, based on the Notify setting configured. 



Preview of an Agent Notification (customizable message for the Content item)



Preview of a Supervisor Notification (system-generated message for the Content item)



Preview of Notify Both (click to toggle between previewing the Agent Notification and the Supervisor Notification)





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