Moments™ App for Desktop


The Moments™ App (accessible today as a progressive web app here) can also be downloaded and installed for use on desktop devices (Mac/PC).

For Agents who want to receive Moments™ Notifications in an uncluttered environment; Agents have the option to install/use the Moments™ App on their desktop. This app provides a standalone experience for real-time coaching, displaying triggered notifications as a companion to the RingDNA Dialer and outside of the browser.

Additionally, the Moments™ App for Desktop can be paired with video meetings (coming soon), allowing Agents to receive real-time Moments™ notifications while hosting live video conferencing meetings.

Note: In addition to the downloadable Moments™ App for Desktop, real-time Notifications can be received and displayed via the Moments™ App for Web or the Moments™ Widget.


Installation Steps


The Moments™ App is supported on desktop devices and can be installed on both Macs (MacOS) and/or PCs (Windows OS).

Note: Moments™ App is not supported on mobile devices (iOS or Android).


How to Install

1. Goto in your browser (Chrome). If needed, sign-in using SFDC login credentials


2. Click on the download button in the top-right of the navigation 

Alternatively, if you have the Moments Popout Window already open, click the download icon in the top-right
3. Click “Install” button to proceed with installing the Moments™ App (“”)

4. Once installed, Moments™ App (“”) will appear on your desktop


How It Works

1. Click desktop icon (“”) to launch the Moments™ app. If needed, sign-in using SFDC login credentials.

click on desktop icon to launch the Moments™ App (“”) and login using SFDC credentials



if already logged in via SFDC, click on desktop icon to launch the Moments™ App (““)


2. when connected on a live call (via RingDNA Dialer), Moments™ App displays triggered Notifications/Checklists and live transcript. And the desktop icon shows the badge count total

Connect on a live call (RingDNA Dialer) to activate the Moments™ App to receive notifications
Count of triggered notifications are displayed as a badge on the desktop icon. Notifications/Checklists and live transcript are displayed in the Moments™ App during a live call.

3. Easily switch between apps to bring the Moments™ App into view in front of other apps or windows (Mac: command+tab  |  PC: alt+tab)

bring the Moments™ App to front by Command+Tab (on Mac) or Alt+Tab (on PC)


4. Moments™ App can be dragged and repositioned anywhere on screen

Moments™ App can be positioned in front of browser window
Moments™ App can be repositioned anywhere on desktop


5. Moments™ App can be resized (responsive layout) to full screen

Moments™ App can be resized to fullscreen


TIP: Moments™ App can be left open at all times. It will automatically activate and start displaying triggered Notifications when answering an inbound call or placing an outbound call (via RingDNA Dialer). There’s no need to launch and close the Moments™ App between your calls.

Moments™ App left open while not connected on a live call
Once connected on a live call, Moments™ App will automatically display triggered Notifications




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