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How To Add a New Content Item

Moments™ Content are the battle cards and information that are presented to users based on a notification that applies to one of their conversations based on what is said, what is not said, based on streaming behavioral metrics, or an elapsed time in a conversation.

Moments™ Content can be created in two ways. 

  1. By creating content directly from the content tab
  2. By creating content and associating it with a new notification

Creating Content from the Content Tab

These steps apply when creating a new Notification or updating an existing Notification. 

1. On the left Nav bar under Moments click Content:

2. Click the + Create Content button to open up the Content panel:

3. You will be presented with a form that allows you to add details to the content. 

Content Title

[Required] This is the title of the notification or checklist that is provided to the user when a notification rule is triggered in a live audio or video conversation. 


[Required] Content Categories allow users to associate the purpose of the notification so that they can easily find content by category and understand the impact of notifications by category within Moments™ Reports


Content falls into two categories: notifications and checklists.


Within the content type dropdown, you can designate if you want to create an info notification, a warning notification, or an alert notification. These individual selections designate the style of the notification that is presented to the user. Notifications include the following information


  1. Content Body - [Required] This is the text that is presented to a user within the notification. Text is limited to 80 characters to create a concise and focused direction without taking the user's attention away from who they are interacting with. 
  2. Completion Phrase(s) - Completion phrases are terms that will automatically designate a notification as completed by a rep. You can add terms that align with the content so that when information is used by a rep the notification is marked as complete and hides from view.
  3. Links - If there is supplemental information that you want to provide to your users you can select the "add link" option. On selection, this presents the user with a field to add a name for the link and a URL field.


If a user selects the Checklist content type they are presented with contextual inputs to build and manage their checklist. 


  1. Subheadline - This is optional text to provide reps within a checklist notification that is triggered on a live conversation. They help guide the purpose of the checklist beyond the title of the checklist. 
  2. Checklist Item - [Required] Checklist items are the individual items that you want reps to complete based on the context of the notification and their conversation. You can add up to 10 checklist items within a checklist. 
  3. Completion Phrase - Completion phrases are spoken words or phrases associated with individual checklist items. Such as a completion phrase for a notification, checklist item completion phrases will designate individual checklist items as complete when they are spoken by an agent. 

Creating Content associated with Notifications and Checklists

The secondary route is to create 

Creating Notification Content when building a new Notification

1. Select the "Create Notification" button from the Notifications page.

2. Select the "Add Content" text link from the create notification page


Step 3. Select the "New Content" button within the Add Content list.

Step 4. Add all relevant notification information to the content form.

  • Content Title
  • Category
  • Content Type
    • Info
    • Warning
    • Alert
  • Body
  • Completion Phrase
  • Link

Creating Checklist Content when building a new Checklist

1. Select the "Create Checklist" button from the Checklists page.

2. Select the "Add Content" text link from the Create Checklist page


Step 3. Select the "New Content" button within the Add Content list.

Step 4. Add all relevant notification information to the content form.

  • Content Title
  • Subheadline
  • Category
  • Checklist Items
  • Checklist Item Completion Phrase(s)

Previewing Content

Once you have entered in information for a notification of a checklist, you can select the "Preview" link to see how the notification will look when presented to a user. 

Upon selecting the preview link, users can view notifications and checklists within a sample abstracted background. Users can select the "X" or the "Close" link to hide the preview modal. 

Saving Content

When selecting the save button, the new piece of content will be saved to Revenue if generated directly from the Content tab or saved and linked to a notification or checklist if created via the respective Notification and Checklist tabs. 


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