How to Test a Notification in a different Language

An important step to take after setting a Transcription Language is to test phrase detection accuracy on yourself using phrases in the selected language.



Log into the Admin Console and browse to your User Settings page. Then follow these steps:


Set your “Transcription Language” to your desired language and click Save.



Navigate to Moments™ Console and create a Notification.

It is best to test with an Include Notification (Phrase Mentioned triggering criteria). 



Target yourself using “Notification Targeting” setting.





The simplest approach to testing in a different language is to leverage Google Translate.

To test, follow these steps:


Translate the phrase from English to the desired Transcription Language you have set above



Copy the translated phrase into the Phrases setting on the Update Notification Panel > Trigger Criteria Panel. (Save the Notification and enable it.)



Launch the RingDNA Dialer and place a call to yourself (e.g. call your mobile device). In Google Translate, click the “Listen” button. This speaks the Phrase in the foreign language. (Ensure your speakers are on, and your Dialer is not muted so that audio from Google Translate can be heard on your test call)



Test Notification should be triggered in the Dialer when the phrase is mentioned (by Google Translate in the foreign language).



Optional: enter the text for your Content item in the specified language as well to simulate what the entire experience is like for your rep (e.g. speaking in korean on a call, triggering a notification with korean phrase mentioned, and visually presenting the notification in korean). 


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