Managing Blocked Numbers for RingDNA

Admins have the ability to block numbers at the account or user level. You can specify what channel type (Phone, SMS, and/or Recording) to block.


How to Block a Number from the Admin Console

  1. Sign in to Admin as an Administrator account
  2. Go to the Blocked Numbers tab
  3. Click the Green Plus on the right to add a new number
  4. Add the number to the Phone Number textbox. We recommend e.164 number formatting like +13234445678 (+13234445678 (US)) or +442034445678 (+442034445678 (UK)).
  5. For Block Type, choose the channel that you want to block (Calls, Messaging, Recording)
  6. Click Save and repeat steps 4-6 until all channels you need to block are blocked

Here is a visual of the steps:



You are able to block the following:

  • Block for:
    • Specific User - You can only select 1 Agent each time
    • All - Blocks for all agents
  • Type: 
    • Calls
    • Messages (SMS)
    • Recording 

How Agents can Block Calls using Call Dispositions

  1. Navigate to the Blocked Numbers settings page.
  2. Enable the “Allow users to block a call by setting a call disposition” setting.
  3. Then, you will need to add the disposition text value SPAM to your disposition list. See Manage Call Dispositions & How to Customize Call Dispositions in RingDNA.
  4. When an agent receives a call if they select theSPAM disposition our platform will block calls automatically for that number for only that user. To block for the entire team you will need to follow the steps in the beginning of this article.  

Note: A user can click the Unblock button beside the number in the RingDNA Dialer. Alternatively, a Revenue Admin can remove the block in the Blocker Numbers setting page by clicking the red delete button. 

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