Guided Selling Reports

Guided Selling Reports Overview

Guided Selling provides a series of reports that can be used to track the impact of sequence activity and outcomes. These reports span insight into current, future, and past activity driven by Guided Selling. Powered by the Guided Selling Fields and report types added to Salesforce on installation, These reports provide insight into how your engagement strategy is influencing outcomes, the full output of your team, and the success rates across key junctions in your customer journey. 

Out-of-the-Box Reports

  • Upcoming Actions by Day by User
  • Total Meetings Booked With Sequence
  • Emails Sent - Response / SEQ Part 2
  • First Meeting Booked w/ Sequence
  • Sequence Leads by Sequence by Status
  • Sequence Leads Conversion Rate
  • Sequence Email Templates Edited
  • Opportunity Revenue by Sequence
  • Emails Sent - Response / SEQ Action
  • Email Open/ Reply Rate by Sequence
  • Email Open/ Reply Rate
  • Call Actions by Hour and Connect
  • Call Actions by Hour
  • All Sequence Email Open/Replies (byType)
  • Actions Overdue by Rep by Type
  • Actions Due Today by Sequence and Action
  • Actions Due Today by Rep by Type
  • Actions - Deferred by Rep by Sequence
  • Sequence Number of Touch Points-Lead
  • Sequence Number of Touch Points-Contact
  • Sequence Number of Touch Points-Campaign
  • Sequence Lead Converted Metrics
  • Sequence Exit Participants-Lead
  • Sequence Exit Participants-Contact
  • Sequence Exit Participants-Campaign
  • Sequence Completed Participants-Contact
  • Sequence Completed Participants-Lead
  • My Actions Completed Today
  • Sequence Participants-Lead
  • Sequence Participants-Contact
  • Sequence Participants-Campaign
  • Unique Touches Today
  • My Opened Emails Today
  • My Leads Converted Today
  • Active Lead Sequence Actions
  • Active Contact Sequence Actions

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