Manage Call Scripts for RingDNA

To enable Call Scripts in the RingDNA Communications Hub, follow these steps:

1.) Log into the Admin Console

2.) In the left hand navigation, under Products, click RingDNA and select the RingDNA Settings link:



3.) Scroll down to the Call Scripts section:



4.) Click on the green + icon:



5.) Enter a Name, add a Description, and add the contents of the call script to the Script field. Click Save:



6.) On the next screen, select either to apply this script to all users in the Account (pictured below) or only to select Smart Numbers (not pictured). Click Next:



7.) On the next screen, your selections are summarized. Click Save to finalize the Call Script:



8.) After saving the Call Script, the Call Scripts table is updated with a new entry:



9.) Users of the RingDNA Communications Hub can begin using this Call Script when callers call into Campaigns


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