Using merge fields in anchor tags in Guided Selling v5.76

The Guided Selling Action Builder requires precise formatting when using merge fields within anchor tags. Before we dive into details, let's cover high-level points about this "precise formatting":

  1. The Action Builder doesn't support using only merge fields directly in the href attribute of anchor tags (i.e. <a href="{{{Participant.Owner_Calendly_Url__c}}}">Schedule</a> isn't supported)
  2. The Action Builder does support using merge fields comprising a part of the href attribute of anchor tags(i.e. <a href="https://{{{Participant.Owner_Calendly_Url__c}}}">Schedule</a>is supported)

How To Prepare Merge Fields for Use in Action Builder

To prepare a field for use in Guided Selling html email anchor tags, navigate to that Object's fields in Setup. (i.e. to revise a Lead merge field, go to Setup Lead > Fields > specific_field_name Edit).

  1. Revise the existing field used in the template to exclude "https://""
    1. If the field is a formula field, replace the existing formula with this formula -SUBSTITUTE(source_data_field_name__c, "https://"", "")
    2. If the field is a text field, you'll need to bulk update the value for all records to exclude "https://""
  2. In the Action Builder, highlight the text you want to link, then give the URL as "https://{{{revised_field_name__c}}}" (screenshot at the bottom).
  3. Run a test with a single action to ensure the anchor tag correctly links the email recipient to the correct destination.


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