Setting Up New Guided Selling Users

Setting Up a New User

To add additional users for Guided Selling use the following steps to add a license and update the user permissions required. 

Set a New License 

  1. Navigate to the Admin Console
  2. Click Users in the left navigation 
  3. Click the name of the user 
  4. Choose the RingDNA tab 
  5. Flip the Guided Selling license configuration ON 
  6. Hit Save on the top right  

Note: If you receive an error that you need more licenses, please send a request to  

Setup Guided Selling Permissions

Once the license has been added for the user, have the Salesforce Admin navigate to the Sequence Settings>Users page in Salesforce. There, click the Add Permission for the new user or Grant All Permissions button on top to automatically add the following: 

  • Sequence Agent permission set to ensure the user can access all Guided Selling Custom Objects and Fields needed to add participants to Sequences and complete Sequence actions 
  • Guided Selling Standard Object permission set to ensure any fields used in Guided Selling operations and field sets are available to the user 

Setup Admin User

If the user is going to create and edit Sequences, you will need to grant the Sequence Admin permission set from within Salesforce setup.  


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