Sequence Page Layouts (Adding Custom Button)

The sequence managed package provides a custom button entitled "add to sequence" that can be added to both lead or contact layouts. This button, when added to layouts, allows users to add an individual record to manual sequences that the lead or contact record matches based on the criteria set for the manual sequence. 

Adding the "add to sequence" button to page layouts.

Add the "add to sequence" button to a lead or contact page layout by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce setup console
  2. Select leads or Contacts objects
  3. Select "Page Layouts"
  4. From the list of object page layouts, select the layout that you would like to add the button to.
  5. Select the individual page layout
  6. Select the buttons tab from the field and button selector in the page layout builder
  7. Drag the "add to sequence" button to the Custom Buttons section of the page layout
  8. Save the page layout to add the button to the layout. 


The "Add to Sequence" button listed within "buttons" list within a lead or contact page layout

The "Add to Sequence" Button added to a Lead or Contact Record

You can add the "add to sequence" button directly to a page layout from an individual record by selecting the "edit page layout" link on the individual record.

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