Calendar Booking Overview

Drive more meetings with less back and forth. Calendar Booking provides an easy-to-configure tool for individual reps to share their availability with prospects and customers. This reduces back-and-forth emails to align on time which works for all parties and ensures effective follow-up for upcoming meetings. 

Getting started with Calendar Booking is as simple as connecting your Gmail or Exchange account to, personalizing your calendar booking page, and building meeting types to be made available to prospects and customers. 

  • Save Time Scheduling Meetings - Send prospects and customers directly to your calendar booking page to ensure quick scheduling of meetings that take into account their availability and yours. 
  • Provide Customized booking options - Generate customized booking landing pages for various purposes with unique booking logic and configurations. 

How do i get started?

To start using the Calendar booking experience, leverage the getting started with Calendar Booking guide to connect your email provider, build your first booking page, and start to streamline the way you align time with your prospects and customers. 

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