RingDNA Communications Hub Overview

More Dials. Smarter Conversations. More Revenue.

Trusted by the World’s Best Sales Teams, you can unleash your sales team's productivity with the RingDNA Communications Hub. The RingDNA Communications Hub allows you to, connect with more of your prospects, have 400% more sales conversations using Local Presence dialing, have 100% of sales calls, emails, SMS messages, and video meetings logged to Salesforce, and visible within pre-built reports & AI-enabled analytics help you scale revenue growth. 


How does the RingDNA Communications Hub Work?

Getting started with the RingDNA Communications Hub is as simple as installing an app. New reps can get up and running in just minutes by logging into RingDNA using their Salesforce credentials. Once logged in they have a full omni-channel communication platform at their fingertips that captures all calls, emails, SMS messaging, and video meetings to Salesforce. The RingDNA Communications Hub provides more time for reps to do what they do best: engage with customers and provide insights for managers to run their business. 

  • Enable The Perfect Sales Workflow - Every solution a salesperson needs to convert customers, prospects, and leads.
  • Eliminate Busywork For Maximum Productivity - Automate processes and eliminate unnecessary data entry.
  • Call More Prospects and Leads With Ease - Click to call from anywhere in the browser, blitz through lead lists and drop voicemails quickly.
  • Automatically Capture Activity Data in Salesforce - 100% of call activity is automatically captured and logged in Salesforce.
  • Save Hours Spent Leaving Voicemails - Leave pre-recorded voicemails when prospects don’t answer, saving hours per week for more dials.
  • Onboard in Minutes - Quickly onboard new reps with the world's best dialer for Salesforce customers, great for both inbound and outbound dialing scenarios.

Where do I find more details on the RingDNA Communications Hub?

The RingDNA Communications Hub is an enterprise-grade application with flexibility and privacy at its core. Learn more bout our rich functionality and get started with the RingDNA Communications Hub.

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