Guided Selling Overview

Minimize guesswork, maximize revenue.

Guided Selling by is the most powerful sales enablement and sales engagement platform for Salesforce. Trusted by the world’s top sales teams, this 100% Salesforce-native solution extracts intelligent insights at every step of the sales process and guides your team with the sentiment, buying signals, and next best actions so reps can execute on your sales playbook with approved messaging.



Getting started with the dialer is as simple as installing an app. New reps can get up and running in just minutes to achieve the following and more...

  • Take the next best action, every time - Leverage the expertise and best practices of top sales
    performers to make inexperienced reps sell like
    seasoned ones.
  • Train new sales reps faster than ever - Dramatically reduce the time required to bring reps to
    full productivity by using AI to help every rep sell like
    an expert.
  • Level up both inbound and outbound sales - Ensure predictable cadences for account-based sales (ABS) campaigns as well as rapid lead responses and follow-up from inbound leads.
  • Schedule multichannel sales cadences - Easily schedule automated sales outreach that includes calls, texts, email, social engagements, and more to maximize conversions and drive pipeline
  • Keep reps focused - Guided Selling lives right in Salesforce, where your reps already work. Maximize the investment your team has already made in the CRM and take performance to the next level.
  • Get real-time performance insight - All sales activities and communications are captured in Salesforce. Detailed reports & dashboards uncover what is working and what needs improvement for continuous growth.
  • Collaborate across GTM teams - Leverage relationships with leads and contacts to power cross-team collaboration and execution of actions within Sequences. 

Getting Started

Being Salesforce native, customers can get going with Guided Selling by installing our managed package from the Salesforce AppExchange. The Guided Selling getting started guide provides you insight into getting off the ground and the breadth of functionality and flexibility that comes with it. 

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