Moments™ Overview

Ensure reps say the right things during every conversation

Moments by is a virtual coach powered by patented technology that delivers real-time conversation guidance at the exact moment that reps need it, allowing expertise to be scaled across every live conversation to improve performance.


How does Moments™ benefit me?

Because 87% of SDR training can be forgotten within a week, Moments™ reinforces best practices and ramps new reps 50% faster. Struggling reps are empowered by Moments™ real-time prompts to effectively handle objections, coached to stick to specified talk tracks, nudged to follow best practices, and reminded to adhere to compliance requirements. Even the best reps benefit from Moments™ by receiving relevant information in real-time, based on the situational context of the conversation.

Any organization can deploy Moments™ to transform the quality and effectiveness of rep conversations towards more successful outcomes, whether it is increasing meetings booked, conquering sales quota, or enhancing customer support experiences. Make every rep your best rep.


How does Moments™ work?

Moments™ automatically joins and monitors every rep conversation. As the conversation takes place, Moments™ intelligently recognizes speech, detect patterns, and delivers timely guidance to the rep in the form of a real-time Notification.

Reps can receive real-time Notifications within the RingDNA Dialer powered by the Moments™ Widget, within the browser directly in the Moments™ App for Web, or separately within the Moments™ App for Desktop.

Using the Moments™ Console, a Notification can be created, organized, and customized based on specific targeting parameters, triggering criteria, contextual data, and visual presentation.   


Where do I find more details on Moments™?

For more introductory information on Moments™ visit the following articles:



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