Conversation AI Overview

Coach more reps with fewer resources and have better conversations

Scale coaching productivity and slash rep ramp time with the #1 Conversation Intelligence solution in the Forrester Wave.

What is Conversation AI?

Conversation AI brings coaching intelligence to some of the world's best Sales teams. It provides the tools to be able to extract from every call or video conversation insights into the context of that interaction including transcripts, conversation metrics, questions, next steps, pricing mentions, discovery questions, and any customizable concepts for your business. All insights can be accessed directly from salesforce or found easily within Conversation AI's robust search, discovery, and notification tools. 

How does Conversation AI help me and my team?

The suite of tools provided by Conversation AI helps to scale coaching cultures in an organization by enabling tactical, scalable, and strategic coaching. 

  • Fuel Dramatic Growth - Nothing is more efficient at driving revenue than improving your team’s collective conversation skills with conversation intelligence.
  • Increase Rep Performance - Train reps to handle any situation and deliver experiences that move the needle with customers.
  • Scale Coaching - Surface the behaviors, tactics, and techniques of top reps with AI, then replicate that across all your entire team
  • Ramp new reps in weeks, not months - Give new reps access to an endless library of coachable moments and conversation intelligence insights. Cut sales ramp-up time in half with a more effective onboarding plan.
  • Curate your team's greatest hits - Organize every phone call, Microsoft Teams meeting, and Zoom video call into searchable best practice libraries that enable more reps to perform like your A-players.
  • Auto-capture video meetings for coaching and analysis - is the only solution that correlates sales behavior with opportunities, revenue, and virtually any other sales outcome. Video calls are auto-logged in Salesforce and saved in conversation intelligence libraries for training, meeting prep, AI-powered analysis, and coaching.
  • Monitor Conversation Performance Metrics - Gain insights into talk-to-listen ratios, conversation etiquette, and other important performance metrics from Teams and Zoom calls to turn every rep into a top performer.

How can I learn more about Conversation AI?

Learn more bout our rich functionality and get started with Conversation AI and walk through our configuration guides to extract the insight from your conversations to strategically drive deals forward and build a coaching culture. 



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