Placing a Call from Engage

Placing a Call from the Engage View

To perform a call select the Call button on the Engage view. On selection of a call action the softphone will be presented in view with the selected record populated. If Click-to-Call is enabled on the softphone, the call will start immediately.  

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Once completed, the sequence action associated with the selected participant record will automatically be removed from an agent today view as performed. On Lightning, once initiated the call will be removed. If it is not successfully completed, it will be re-added to the Today view.

The sequence package will automatically associate the created call activity with the sequence action and mark it as performed to then move onto the next action in the sequence series. 


Within the Guided Selling package, only calls made via the softphone will be marked as complete and logged against a sequence call action type. 

Sending Multiple Calls to DialNext 

If you have DialNext enabled on the RingDNA, sending any call from Engage to the dialer will send the queue of all subsequent calls as well. 

While the default Engage list is limited to 10 actions per page, if you filter the page by Call actions, a dropdown will appear on the bottom right corner of the page. This will allow you to send up to 500 phone numbers from the Engage view to DialNext. 

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