Measure the Success of Individual Sequences

View Analytics for Individual Sequence Actions

Once you have active Sequences live in your Salesforce org, it's important to measure and evaluate the success of each Sequence. To view metrics for individual Sequences, use the following steps: 

  1. Navigate to the Sequences tab provided within the managed package
  2. Select the Sequence you would like to view via search, filtration, or pagination
  3. Once you have selected a Sequence name or selected the "View Sequence" from the dropdown you be taking the view-only version of the Sequence builder. 
  4. When viewing a Sequence, select the Reports tab to view overview Analytics of the Sequence as well as reporting on each individual Action.

Analytics Overview

Cards on the Sequence page provide an overview of rolled-up activity for the Sequence. The cards dynamically display based on the Sequence type (e.g., Lead, Contact…). Cards that may display include the following:

Conversion Rate- (lead Sequence only) Percentage of Leads that result in Conversion (including qualified and not qualified) in the Sequence. Use this to measure how often agents are able to qualify leads in this Sequence

Closed Revenue- (Contact and Opportunity Sequences only) Amount of opportunity revenue tied to participants within this Sequence.

Active Participants- Number of participants currently in the Sequence

Met Exit Criteria- Number of participants who have been removed from the Sequence as resulting of matching the exit criteria

Avg. Number of Touchpoints- The average number of actions completed before a participant matches the exit criteria. Use this to measure the effectiveness of a Sequence to qualify leads and execute contact goals.

Completed Sequence- Number of participants who exhausted each action listed in the Sequence. This includes whether an agent Skipped the action.

Each card is clickable to take you to a Salesforce report containing records included in the metric.

Reporting will be limited based on the user’s Salesforce permissions. If the user does not have permission to view any participant info, “--” will display.

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