Video Conversation Metrics on Won Deals

The Video Conversation Metrics on Won Deals highlights what happens on video conversations when a deal is won. Here we look at all activities associated with won deals and present aggregated stats to tell the general story of what happens when your team reaches success. With this information, you can investigate each individual metric on a rep by rep basis to see what happens by rep when they win or lose a deal. This provides key insight into areas that you may want to investigate when you see a stark contrast between behaviors across the outcome of a deal.

Who is this for?

AE Managers

How can this be configured?

This dashboard can be configured based on various opportunity types and roles to gain keen insight into specific segments and roles managing your opportunity pipeline. 

What data points are included in the dashboard?

Summary Stats

  • Agent Talk Ratio 
  • Agent Talk Rate
  • Agent Average Monologue
  • Average Agent Longest Monologue
  • Average Agent Median Monologue
  • Agent Sentiment
  • Agent Sentiment Change
  • Agent Vocabulary


  • Talk Rate
  • Talk Ratio 
  • Average Monologue
  • Longest Monologue
  • Median Monologue
  • Sentiment
  • Sentiment Change
  • Vocabulary


  • Closed Opp Video Conversation Metrics

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