Sales Call Dashboard

This dashboard highlights the overall call volume within an organization. In addition to total calls over a period of time, you can also see inbound and outbound metrics to ensure that reps are not only busy but productive.

Who is this for?

SDR Managers who want a picture into overall call metrics. 

How can this be configured?

Admins can configure the date ranges included in the dashboard along with updating individual reports to align to specific user roles or group segments. 

What data points are included in the dashboard?

Summary Stats

  • Total Calls - The total number of all outbound and inbound calls.
  • Total Talk Time (Minutes) - The total talk time in minutes across all inbound and outbound calls. 
  • Average Talk Duration (Minutes) - The average talk time of all calls over the selected period of time. 
  • Average Call Rating - The average rating of calls that have a 1-5 star rating logged to Salesforce.
  • Outbound Connection Rate - The percentage of calls connected when the call is using a standard phone number.
  • Local Presence Connection Rate - The percentage of calls connected when the call is using a local presence number. 
  • Voicemail Drops - The total number of automated voicemails left within the time period
  • Voicemail Drop Callback Rate - The percentage of time a call is returned in 24 hours following the use of an automated voicemail drop


  • Total Number of Calls By Day
  • Outbound Calls By Hour of Day
  • Total Calls Inbound v Outbound
  • Call Disposition by Rep
  • Calls By Role
  • Calls By Rep
  • Average Call Duration By Rep
  • Talk Time By Rep and Direction
  • Outbound Connection Rate
  • Voicemial Drop Callback rates
  • Outbound Local Presence Connection Rates
  • Outbound Non Local Presence Connection Rates


  • Calls
  • Calls With Ratings
  • Outbound Calls By Hour Of Day
  • Outbound Calls With Local Presence 
  • Outbound Calls with Voicemail Drop

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