Revenue Intelligence Report Types

Within the new RingDNA for Salesforce Package we have provided several out-of-the-box report types. These report types enable you to report on activities associated with standard Salesforce objects and utilize conversation data within reports. Each of these reports is built off of the same model, which sits on top of the relationship between activities and a core object with conversation fields pulled into the report type via a lookup relationship. Given the simplicity of our single lookup field on the activity object, you still have all of the rich data provided by at your fingertips for reporting. 

Out-of-the-box report types

  • Convesations
  • Campaigns with Conversations
  • Cases with Conversations
  • Contacts with Conversations
  • Leads with Conversations
  • Opportunities with Conversations

Customizing Report Types

So what about activities that are associated with custom records in Salesforce? No problem, using the same model that we have provided you can easily create new report types using the same Object > Activities model and leverage lookup fields to add conversation fields to those report types.

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