Recordings Dashboard

This dashboard provides an overall summary of the calls and video meetings that have been recorded by Here you can see trends across various recording types and make sure that you can dig into relevant recordings to investigate the context of a conversation.

Who is this for?

AE Managers, SDR Managers, Sales Leaders who need visibility into overall volume of calls and video meetings.

How can this be configured?

Admins can configure the date ranges included in the dashboard along with updating individual reports to align to specific user roles or group segments. 

What data points are included in the dashboard?

Summary Stats

  • Total Recordings

  • Total Recorded Minutes
  • Average Recording Duration (Minutes)
  • Recorded Video Calls
  • Recorded Opportunity Activities
  • Recordings Per Opportunity


  • Recordings By Date
  • Recordings By Rep
  • Video Recordings By Date
  • Video Recordings By Rep
  • Recordings By Opportunity
  • Opportunity Recordings By Rep


  • Recorded Conversations
  • Recorded Video Conversations
  • Recorded Conversations With Opps

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