Opportunity Red Flags Dashboard

Risk can manifest across deals that are about to close and lack recent activity, deals that languish in a particular opportunity stage for too long, or deals that are progressing to a late-stage funnel but are not getting the activity to support the probability of the deal. In addition to activity metrics, this dashboard also highlights the average number of contacts engaged in open deals based on the mode of communication being used to push the deal forward. 

Who is this for?

AE Managers and Sales Leaders who need to identify potential risks in deals. 

How can this be configured?

Admins can configure this dashboard to match what constitutes risk based on your deal lifecycle. Each report can be updated to configure the expected close percentage that defines your early, mid, and late-stage funnel along with the activity volume that is within tolerance to not constitute a deal at risk. 

What data points are included in the dashboard?

Summary Stats

  • Closing Soon No Activity
  • No Activity in Over 60 Days
  • Early Funnel Stuck Opportunities
  • Mid Funnel No Activity Last 7 Days
  • Closing Soon No Activity Expected Amount
  • No Activity in Over 60 Days Expected Amount
  • Early Funnel Stuck Opportunities Expected Amount
  • Mid Funnel No Activity Last 7 Days Expected Amount


  • Untouched Opportunities Closing Soon
  • Early Funnel Stuck Opportunities
  • Opportunities No Activity Over 60 Days
  • Mid Stage Opps No Activity Last 7 Days


  • Untouched Opportunities Closing Soon
  • Opportunities No Activity Last 60 Days
  • Stuck Opportunities - Early Funnel 
  • Stuck Opportunities - Mid Funnel

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