Opportunity Pipeline Dashboard

The opportunity pipeline dashboard provides insight into the current state of your pipeline, changes that impact your expected revenue for the quarter, and insight into who is creating opportunities and where are they coming from.

You can clearly see the number of active opportunities, the age of opportunities by stage, and insight into the sum of amounts that have been pushed in or pulled out of the current fiscal quarter. 

Who is this for?

Sales Managers and Account Executives who need insight into the health of their pipeline. 

How can this be configured?

To ensure that the dashboard properly reflects your pipeline, reports can be filtered by opportunity type and role to get an understanding of key segments of your overall opportunities in flight. 

What data points are included in the dashboard?

Summary Stats

  • Active Pipeline
  • Unique Opportunity Contacts
  • Pipeline Pulled In
  • Pipeline Pushed


  • Pipeline Pushed
  • Pipeline Pulled In
  • Pipeline Closed Lost
  • Expected Revenue By Close Date
  • Bookings Sourced
  • Opportunities Created


  • Open Opportunities
  • Opportunities Pulled In
  • Opportunities Pushed Out

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