Opportunity Activity on Won Deals Dashboard

This dashboard tells a story about the type and volume of sales activity it takes to win a deal in your business.

Given that many deals involve multiple stakeholders and many activities across video meetings, email, text messaging, and calls, here you can see how many activities it takes to get the job done. You will see the average volume of each type of sales activity, and in the same dashboard, look at the activities of each rep to quickly cross reference what top performers do to win.

Who is this for?

Sales Managers, Account Executive Team Leads, and Account Executives who want insights into the resources it takes to close deals. 

How can this be configured?

Admins can configure this dashboard to specific opportunity types, date ranges, and user roles to get a tighter view into segments of your opportunity pipeline. 

What data points are included in the dashboard?

Summary Stats

  • Closed Won Amount
  • Closed Deals
  • Average Activities
  • Average Contacts
  • Average Messages
  • Average Meetings
  • Average Calls
  • Average Emails


  • Average Activities Per Rep
  • Contacts Per Opportunity
  • Average Texts Per Opportunity
  • Average Events Per Opportunity
  • Average Calls Per Opportunity
  • Average Emails Per Opportunity


  • Closed Won Opportunity Activities
  • Closed Won Opportunity Text Messages
  • Closed Won Opportunity Meetings
  • Closed Won Opportunity Calls
  • Closed Won Opportunity Emails

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