Marketing Campaign Activity Dashboard

Who is this for?

Campaign Managers, Marketing Leaders, and Sales Leaders who need visibility into activities associated with marketing campaigns. 

How can this be configured?

Admins can configure this dashboard to present data over a custom date range. In addition, the campaign reports can be filtered to only return activities specific to campaign types or user roles.

What data points are included in the dashboard?

The data points in the dashboard include:

Summary Stats

  • Total Campaign Activities
  • Number of Conversations
  • Number of Emails
  • Number of Messages
  • Number of Tasks
  • Number of Events
  • Activities Per Campaign
  • Average Calls Per Campaign
  • Emails Per Campaign
  • Messages Per Campaign
  • Tasks Per Campaign
  • Events Per Campaign


  • Activities By Day
  • Calls by Campaign Name
  • Emails By Campaign
  • Tasks By Campaign
  • Text Messages By Campaign
  • Events By Campaign


  • Campaign Activities By Day
  • Campaign Calls
  • Campaign Emails

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