Lead Video Conversation Metrics Dashboard

Who is this for?

SDR Managers. Marketing Executives

How can this be configured?

Given that the charts in this dashboard present metrics on an individual rep basis grouped by converted and not converted leads, a lot of information can be presented at once. You can manipulate the dashboard to instead group insights by user role if you have cross-functional teams that interact with and convert leads or restrict the reports to relevant user roles. 

What data points are included in the dashboard?

Summary Stats

  • Agent Talk Rate
  • Agent Talk Rate
  • Agent Average Monologue
  • Agent Average Longest Monologue
  • Agent Median Monologue
  • Agent Sentiment
  • Agent Sentiment Change
  • Agent Vocabulary


  • Talk Ratio
  • Talk Rate
  • Average Monologue
  • Average Longest Monologue
  • Median Streak
  • Sentiment
  • Sentiment Change
  • Vocabulary


  • Lead Video Conversation Metrics

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