Lead Phone Conversation Metrics Dashboard

Who is this for?

SDR Managers

How can this be configured?

Dashboards and reports can be updated and scoped to individual users, salesforce profiles or roles, and or by time. 

What data points are included in the dashboard?

Summary Stats

  • Agent Talk Rate
  • Agent Talk Ratio
  • Average Agent Longest Monologue
  • Agent Average Monologue
  • Agent Sentiment
  • Agent Interruption Ratio
  • Agent Active Listening Ratio
  • Agent Vocabulary


  • Talk Ratio by Disposition
  • Talk Rate by Disposition
  • Average Monologue by Disposition
  • Longest Monologue by Disposition
  • Active Listening by Disposition
  • Active Listening Moments by Disposition
  • Interruption Ratio by Disposition
  • Interruptions by Disposition
  • Sentiment by Rep
  • Sentiment Change by Rep


  • Lead Phone Conversation Metrics

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