Salesforce Activity Data Model

With the Revenue Intelligence package, seamlessly logs relevant information to the activity object in Salesforce with minimal impact on the fields available within the standard Activity object. Given the limitation of only being able to leverage 100 fields, our activity object footprint is simply one single activity field.

Standard Activity Fields used by
We leverage the following fields so that information is relevant and available when reviewing past activities associated with a lead, contact, or account via the out-of-the-box Salesforce activity timeline view. 

  • Assigned To
  • Subject
  • Comments
  • Related To (WhatID)
  • Name (WhoID)
  • Activity Type
  • Activity SubType
  • Due Date
  • Call Object Identifier
  • Status
  • Date

Activity and Conversation Data Model
The single activity field used by is a lookup to a custom object called "Conversations". Conversation records house the bulk of the information associated with a conversation and can be easily used to generate robust reporting and insights given the relationship to activity.

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