Viewing logs of changes to Data Deletion Policy

The data deletion policy is an optional configuration managed on behalf of customers by Support users. This works today as a global setting that allows for the following functions:

  • Support Users can enable data deletion policies for an organization

  • Support users can set the number of days to retain data for all users in the account

Based on these settings, Revenue performs a daily batch process to remove data for all users where these policies are set to ensure that we hold data only for the time period designated. Changes to the details of this policy are tracked and logged for your visibility in the Account Logs setting.

To view changes to your account's data deletion policy, log into the Admin Console, browse to "Account Details" and select the "Logs" tab.

On the tab, select "Data Deletion Policy" from the "Category" dropdown:


After selecting "Data Deletion Policy", the table is filtered to show only rows containing Data Deletion Policy changes. Two columns illustrate whether changes have been made:

  • Old Value
  • New Value

In the below screenshot, note that the original Data Deletion Policy of "30" days (set on 01/01/2020), was modified (on 10/28/2022) to "60" days. Thus, the "Old Value" of 30 is changed to a "New Value" of 60.


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