Advanced Call Tracking

Marketers employing segmentation and A/B testing have the inability to granularly track inbound call generation without robust functionality around custom parameters.

What is Advanced Call Tracking?

With the Advanced Call Tracking tool, you can create a unique telephone number, associate a call flow, and a Salesforce marketing campaign, and add a custom parameter — This custom parameter is key to the tracking. It can be appended to any URL allowing for an incredibly versatile method of call tracking. 

Custom parameters can be appended to any URL to trigger the tracking number. This allows you to track various online campaigns for you do not know the originating URL. By providing the ad network your URL with the advanced call tracking parameter, in the end, you can easily attribute calls made from these campaigns.


Advanced call tracking can be used in almost all online use cases. If the customer prefers to provide a link to their website instead of a number within the ad, then advanced call tracking would allow for DNI which means that you can still track the source of the lead despite not providing a phone number in the actual ad.

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