Custom Call Tracking

The Custom Call Tracking tool requires you to add a JavaScript snippet to your website so you may need your front-end development team to help. 

What is Custom Call Tracking?

Custom Call tracking allows you to dynamically display a unique telephone number on a subdirectory of your website to web traffic from another specific URL that contains a subdirectory. 

The Custom Call Tracking tool takes Basic Call Tracking one step further by allowing you to assign a unique telephone number, a call flow, and a marketing campaign in Salesforce to web traffic from a specific webpage, rather than a general website, to another specific webpage. If we consider that the Basic Call Tracking tool is domain-specific, we can consider that the Custom Call Tracking tool is subdirectory specific.

Expanding on the example in Basic Call Tracking, using the Custom Call Tracking tool we could display a unique telephone number on that is only shown to traffic from, or any specific webpage rather than a whole website. When visitors call that unique telephone number, a call flow could route those calls to a dedicated team, specific members of your team, a custom IVR menu, or a custom recording. On top of that, any calls to that unique number would be captured against a Salesforce campaign giving you incredible insight into the calls generated from one webpage to another and the resulting ROI. 

For example:

  • Have callers be subject to a call flow where you can, amongst other features:
    • Route calls to a specific Team or User
    • Have a unique IVR
    • Have a unique pre-recorded message
  • Have all calls to this number be associated with a Salesforce Campaign
    • This can give you incredible insight into Leads and new business from a single online source which is invaluable for marketing and sales teams
  • Compare the volume of calls you receive from different online source channels
    • Which of your referral partners generates the most inbound calls?
    • Are the calls coming from qualified Leads and generating new sales opportunities?


Click here to get started with Custom Call Tracking.

Getting Started

  1. Sign in to— you’ll need to be an admin for the next steps
  2. Click on Call Tracking, and Custom Call Tracking from the left-hand menu

User-added image

      3.  Click on the Green + Button in the top right corner

User-added image

      4. Next, you can customize your Custom Call Tracking. Give it a name, specify the originating URL (i.e. where web traffic comes from), specify the destination URL (i.e. where web traffic goes to), choose a phone number, assign calls to that number to a Call Flow, and optionally assign the calls and their related data to a Salesforce campaign.

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      5. Your Custom Call Tracking numbers will be displayed under the Custom Call Tracking menu.

Note: If you need to make changes to existing Custom Call Tracking numbers, please contact Support.

      6. Finally, you’ll need to add JavaScript snippet to your website to ensure that the your Custom Call Tracking Number appears based on the rules you set up in the previous steps. This may require help from your front end development team:

<script type=“text/javascript”>       
      var _rdna_acct_id = ‘<your account id>’;  
<script type=“text/javascript” src=“”></script>

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