Manage Call Notes Templates for RingDNA


Call Notes Templates are pre-formatted templates that will help ensure you are taking consistent call notes where only relevant information is needed. They show conversation summaries — key requirements, potential issues, competitors in evaluation, and more. Once the notes are saved, they’ll be synced in SFDC in the Task Detail page under Activity History.

Call Notes templates can be toggled from the Admin Console. You can add or edit as many templates as needed. To enable and configure this feature, please follow the steps below:


Log into the Admin Console  

In the left hand navigation, under Products, click RingDNA and select the Call Actions link.


Click on the Call Notes Templates tab.

Enable (turn ON) the Call Notes Templates setting -- make sure to hit Save at the top of the page after.
Notice the newly created table below the setting. Here you will be able to customize templates for your team to utilize.
To create a new template, click the Add Template button and configure the new template. On click of Save, the template will be added to the table.

After the template has been saved, reps will now be able to utilize it in the RingDNA Communications Hub. Simply click on the Call Tools icon on the right-side panel to access the note templates.
Template Picker is a dropdown menu for reps to select which template they would like to use. Once a rep selects a template, the template text will automatically populate the call notes text field


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