Supervisor Whisper

Before, while Listening in on a call, supervisors could only select the “Barge" action, which would cause them to explicitly join the call in such a way that all parties on the call could hear the supervisor speak.

What is Whisper?

With Whisper a Supervisor can to listen in to a live call and, as needed, speak to just the agent, with only the agent able to hear anything spoken by the Supervisor.

This ensures a personalized coaching experience as well as a smooth and transparent way to assist the agent with fulfilling the needs of the caller.

Additionally, the Whisper feature removes any unnecessary pressure on the call, with a supervisor now able to join calls for non-critical situations (i.e. when escalation is not necessary or required) and simply share information with the agent as needed.

When the Whisper feature is enabled, a Supervisor has the freedom to move between all 3 activities: passively Listening in with no interaction with the agent, Whispering the agent whenever needed, or Barging onto the call if necessary.


How do I use Whisper?

To get started using the Whisper feature, reach out to ringDNA Support to get the feature enabled for your company’s account. After the feature has been enabled for your company’s account, open the ringDNA Dialer and click into the "Team" tab.

Here, start Listening to an active call involving a rep by clicking on the "Listen" button:


Once you’ve begun Listening, the new Whisper function is enabled by default, and displays in the “Whisper On” mode:


To Whisper to the agent on the call, unmute your microphone at any point in the call by using the red “Unmute” button, and begin speaking.

To completely disable the Whisper feature for the current call, simply click on the “Whisper On” button and it will toggle off Whisper mode and update the button to state "Whisper Off".

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