RingDNA Live Overview

Supervisors can monitor all Agents, listen in, join calls, message agents, review real-time transcripts, provide supervisor notes, flag call for coaching, and remove agents from a single console. RingDNA Live ensures that supervisors have a comprehensive view of all call activity in their accounts and can take action to streamline and improve the experience of their callers. 

Within RingDNA Live are the following key components:

  • Filters
  • Live Call Stats
  • Active Calls
  • Agent Directory 

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Call Filters

The first component of RingDNA Live is the ability to filter all of the active calls within your organization. Here you can easily find live calls based on the following filtration options:

  • Search
  • Filter By Team
  • Filter By Queue
  • Filter by Call Direction


Live Call Stats

Supervisors can now see live queue metrics such as the number of calls waiting in the queue, average queue wait time, etc at RingDNA Live. Supervisors can get visibility into the backlog of their queues and adjust staffing accordingly.

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Metric Definition Relevant Filters
Number of calls waiting in queue the total number of calls waiting to be picked up by an agent in the queue(s). Applying the queue filter  Queue
Average queue wait time the average wait time for customers currently waiting in the queue(s) Queue
Longest queue wait time the longest time that a customer has been waiting in the queue(s). Queue
Agents: Callers ratio the ratio of all available and on-call agents to the number of callers Team, Queue


Active Calls

The Active call section displays active calls that Agents are on. It displays Agent Name, Caller Name, Title, Company, Opportunity or Campaign, live sentiment, the purpose of the call, and duration.


Agent Directory

The final component of RingDNA Live is the ability to view all of the members of your team that are either available, busy,  or offline. This ensures that you have visibility into each member of your team and can easily assign calls in queue to individuals who have the capacity to answer a call based on their available status. 


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