Supervisor Dashboard

What is this?

The Supervisor Dashboard is where Admins can see all designated supervisor activity within a certain time range. Select the desired location, set the time range, then click the Refresh button.

This will show you a chart of where Supervisors managed their Teams, including all Supervisor activity within that specific Team.

The dashboard will display:

  • Total Listen Time by Supervisors - The total number of minutes Supervisors spent shadowing a call. This is segmented by the number of minutes each Supervisor spent shadowing a call in a bar graph. 
  • Supervisor Listen Count - The total number of calls shadowed by a Supervisor. This is segmented by the number of calls each Supervisor shadowed in a bar graph. 
  • Number of Agents - The total number of users a Supervisor shadowed.
  • Number of Calls Listened to, by Call Owner - The total number of listens for each all owner.
  • Call Shadowing Details - tabular version of all calls that were shadowed by a Supervisor. 

Note: 🔄 Data in this report is updated hourly.


Why is this important?

It is critical for team supervisors to provide coaching to their agents, and this dashboard helps Admins understand how supervisors are spending their time listening to calls.


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